Sunday, December 30, 2012

Benvenuto 2013!

The past two years I have chosen a word for the year and followed Ali. In 2011 my word was Me. I felt I needed to work on several different aspects of my life and that is why I chose that word. In 2012 my word was Change. I needed to stop thinking and start doing. This year my word was revealed to me through a song. I have been sick for a whole week, Dec.23-30 to be exact, with a head/sinus cold :( I have been watching lots of TV and happened to catch a concert given locally with Laura Pausini as a guest. She sang the song Benvenuto in Spanish. I was smitten. Right away I knew, this has to be my word for 2013. Benvenuto (Welcome). In essence it is similar to Ali's word Open. I want to be able to welcome the good and the not so good in my life. To make peace with what is and what is not. To know there must be a reason for it all, even if I don't understand it at this moment. I want to welcome new experiences. I want to continue to welcome change in my life as I did in 2012.

Here are the lyrics and song in Spanish

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Never too late to be Thankful